Online shopping. Time to bin the loyalty thing?


Online shopping. Time to bin the loyalty thing?

‘I’m gonna make you an offer you CAN refuse.’

They say that ‘shopping is cheaper than a psychiarist’. But, is it? Buy wisely and you could feel great. Get it wrong and you may rue the day you chose to spend a small fortune.  Shopping online – just to make yourself feel better – rather than, well, Googling ‘shrink in my local area with comfy couch’ or something similar.


Let’s be honest, though, there is such a thing as retail therapy. Shopping can just feel, well, awesome; particularly when you don’t even have to get out of your chair or visit a bricks and mortar high street store, or a busy retail park, to stock up on all the goodies you desire. That’s online shopping for you: shopping made phenomenally easy. Browse, Find, Add to Basket, Add Card Details, Confirm, BUY NOW, and then sit back and look forward to super-quick delivery. Job done.


But it all depends upon where you shop online, right?

It’s amazing how fast stuff turns up at your door these days, actually, isn’t it? Especially if you purchased your goods from a leading online shopping retailer such as – the world’s favourite discount shopping website, where the superfast shipping (to 185 countries) is as impressive as the high quality products available to buy, across several ranges, and with many items being on SALE.


We all like to save money, on shopping, energy bills, water, fuel… One perhaps surprising reason why too many of us spend more than we should on all kinds of stuff is this: loyalty. That’s right. Having a good shopping experience, then another, then another with a particular product or service provider can mean a feeling of allegiance develops. Faithfulness sets in. Seeking the same goods elsewhere would seem like, well, as big a betrayal as when Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek, in return for thirty silver pieces (no, they weren’t into bitcoin in the Garden of Gethsemane yet).


Talking of kisses…


Kiss webstore loyalty goodbye, and say Hello! to better shopping

Loyalty, faithfulness, duty, commitment… heck, it’s not solemnly swearing and then upholding allegiance to the Eighth Roman Legion we’re talking about here; it’s SHOPPING! Forget about loyalty. Focus instead on price and quality. You’re looking to save money. You’re obligated to no one. Make sure that you don’t compromise on quality of goods and service efficiency, of course, but, for Heaven’s sake, do put loyalty aside, and do what’s best for your bank balance, not the online store’s.




Compare, compare, compare

Breaking out of the loyalty mindset also means shopping around, and then around some more. How about this: from now on, for every purchase you make online, push yourself to find the same item at three different online stores first, if you can, before making your purchase. Compare prices. Look for deals. Think about shipping costs…


And last but not least, wherever you buy, before you click BUY NOW, always be sure to read the store’s returns policy. If the item’s faulty or unwanted or whatever, who’s responsible for the cost of sending it back? And how long have you got to do that? 14 days? 28 days? Maybe only 7!?




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