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Sedo-amazom group has a few ecommerce businesses selling online goods and services as:






We offering goods for ecommerce for our currency which is Jupiter.

We having stock from main online players on the net as Ali-express, Alibaba, DX, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and others.

We have a good volume of sales each day.

We can estimate our brand evaluation in digital currency as 300,000,000 Jupiters.


  • Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 Jupiter Tokens. Min. 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum Supply: 300M with unsold tokens burned.
  • Market Buyback: 20% quarterly profit used on quarterly buyback with 50% burned.
  • Token Value Protection: Jup to buy back in stages as long as market price falls below listed price.
  • Token Usage: Tokens can be used in ecosystem for services and products (5% of purchases will be credited monthly in Jupiter token).
  • Fund Raise: Monthly operational breakeven reached. More funds equate to greater development and faster growth.
  • Token Boosts (20% minimum for ALL in view of recent ETH surge, a goodwill from JUP):
    • ●20% 0.1 to 49ETH
    • ●25% 50 to 99ETH
    • ●30% 100 to 249ETH
    • ●35% 250 to 499ETH
    • ●40% 500 to 999ETH
    • ●45% 1000 to 2499ETH
    • ●50% 2500ETH and above



Please follow the link:

Buy Jupiter

Otherwise please follow direct link:


Token Contract Address:


Token Symbol: Jupiter

Decimals: 18



Galaxy eSolutions ICO rating



  • Main ICO Available | 85.5%Pre-Sold Tokens | 3.5%
  • Sedo-Amazom Group eSolutions | 9.5%
  • Bounty program | 1.5%


  • Inventory | 35%
  • Working Capital | 15%
  • System and Blockchain Development | 20%
  • Overseas Fulfillment Centre | 10%
  • System and Site Development | 5%
  • O2O Development | 5%
  • Social Marketing and Branding | 5%
  • App Development | 2%
  • Corporate Development | 1.5%
  • Talent Acquisition | 1.5


Sedo-Amazom Group is eCommerce global ecosystem with fast growth and real traction, reaching near 2M USD sales within its first year of operation.Its vision is to fully integrate blockchain and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with marketplace platform, so as to resolve the several pain points in the multi-billion emarket industry.



London, UK

10 March 2018

Crypto Investor Show 2018


29-30 November 2017

Block Chain EXPO





What is Jupiter Digital (Jupiter) all about?

Jupiter Digital Limited is a Global eCommerce platform with 4 live platforms:





We distribute.

The entire business operation is handled by us, including stock managment and goods distribution,including marketing innovations. We have block of marketing businesses, which provides marketing solutions and manage investments strategy.

Based in UK, we operate all over the world.

To find out more look at our Whitepaper.

What are Jupiter tokens?

Jupiter tokens are a form of utility tokens made for the Jupiter Initial Coin Offering (ICO), also called Crowdsale, and in order to purchase them Ethers are needed. Ethers are the cryptocurrency from the Ethereum network. The tokens can then be used in exchange for Ethers or to buy products fromТ  www.Jupiter.digital .

How is Jupiter different?

We are to incorporate the Blockchain platform onto our marketplaces www.Montecristo.online, www.Luxurybrands.store, www.Kitmybag.com, www.Fosterdomain.com. This is a direct P2P type model and ecosystem. The blockchain technology will also help to easily and quickly record details of the goods, servicestransactions, and logistics of all sides.

This could resolve trust and credibility issues between all parties, such as supplier quality, product grading and quality standards and payment of the goods and services.

Where and How do I buy tokens?

You buy Jupiter tokens from the JUP ICO/Crowdsale.

Enter details of the transaction of tokens, such as the amount you want to purchase and when prompted your public-address, from there the transaction will take place.

Look below for a step-by-step process of €œHow to buy Jupiter tokens.

The transaction of the Jupiter tokens and ethers will take place on the blockchain platform where they will be secure.

Do I use Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase tokens?

The cryptocurrency by Ethereum is called Ethers (€œETH€) and it is the only way of payment for JUP tokens. You cannot use Bitcoin to make a purchase of Jupiter tokens.

You can use Shapeshift  service to convert your Bitcoins to Ethereum and then use it to buy JUP tokens.

Can I buy Jupiter token with USD, Euro, GBP or RMB?

No, you cannot directly buy JUP tokens with traditional (fiat) currency like USD, Euros or GBP. You need to use the cryptocurrency Ethers to purchase Jupiter tokens, and to buy the cryptocurrency, yes, you can use traditional currency. You need to buy Ethers from an exchange like Coinbase, Kraken or Gemini.

Important Note: Please do not send Ethers from exchange accounts as you will not receive JUP back to your account. Please transfer fund from exchange to personal wallet like Ethereum or MyEtherWallet and then buy JUP tokens.

How many tokens will be created and sold?

How many tokens will be created and sold? There will be a maximum of 300,000,000 JUP tokens based on the hard/maximum cap of 20,000 ETH. The tokens are manufactured based on the amount of ETH raised. So if the raised is less there eventually will be equivalent less number of tokens created.

The company manufactures an additional 11% of total tokens.

Is there a limit to how many tokens can one purchase?

No, you can purchase as many utility tokens based on their availability at that time.

Will I receive my tokens after the transaction is successful?

Yes, as soon as your transaction is picked out of the pool by miners, declared valid and put into a block and then added to a blockchain; that will mean that it is successful and you will receive them into your wallet. The process may take a while, so please wait patiently.